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Form urban takeouts to neighborhood diners, from suburban buffets to high-end restaurants, Chinese cuisine has become a fixture of American daily dining scene.On an average day, the Americans consume two and half million (2,500,000) meals prepared in Chinese restaurants collectively. The Chinese Restaurant industry is grossing over $25 billion annual sales with over 46,000 Chinese eateries in the U.S. Chinese restaurant locations have outnumbers the top three American fast food chains combined. With a history of 150 years in the making, Chinese food is as American as an apple pie.

Each year Chinese Restaurant New ranks the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants. The Overall Excellence award signifies the highest honor of the competition, which is pen to all Chinese restaurants in the nation. Participation restaurants include newly established restaurants, seasoned restaurants, chain restaurants and past award winners. Check out more than 2,000 past winners and current candidates in all 50 states, at www.Top100ChineseRestaurants.com.

On January 10, 2011, Chinese Restaurant News hosted the 7th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards Show & Conference with Celebrity Chef Martin Yan in San Fancisco. With friends from around the world, the Top 100 Awards spotlighted the very best of Chinese Cuisine in the nation.

During the 7th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA Awards ceremony held in San Francisco in January, 2011, Joy Tsin Lau Chinese Restauant received recognition as one of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in USA in the category of “Top 100 Overall Excellence”. Located in Chinatown of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, amid the bustling population, distinct culture, and independent art scene, Joy Tsin Lau Chinese Restaurant has been thriving for the past 28 years. This was a great place for dinner based on the quality, quantity, and ample ingredients.

Joy Tsin Lau specializes in authentic Cantonese cuisine. Owner Mabel Chan is very proud of her chef team, a professional chef crew from Hong Kong who have decades of cooking experience. When asked to discuss signature dishes, Mabel boasted about the following two in particular. The abalone is one of their most celebrated dishes and it is also a typical representative of Cantonese cuisine. The other signature dish, Chicken Stuffed w. Shark’s Fin, Lobster Salad, and Cantonese BBQ, are quite the exquisite creation.

Facing such wide variety of delicacies, even if a picky customer can be 100% satisfied in Joy Tsin Lau. Hurry to give it a try.